SouthBank to Southport

For those interested parties…Registration is now open for this ride…9 of us did it last year…I have registered for this year…anyone else in?

Yes !!!


Is this in queensland or melbourne?

Queensland or it is a 1753km ride!

Sweet lets do it :smiley:

Be tidier if we just do Southbank to Southbank.

It is on my list of things to do!

Hey, the more the merrier…you’ll have no prob with the 100k from Bne to Gold Coast…but the 1653k commute to the start line will take some thought???

hell yeah! then we don’t have to stop at Southport :wink:

I was wondering where Southport was… maybe in the Docklands or something…

No argument from me there.
The only thing that puts me off doing this ride is the fact that it ends at Southport.


i’m in. so is brooke.
had fun last year, should have more fun this.

Entries close Monday, who’s in:
Lupine and Brooke

I am in, but am taking the soft geared option.

It’s was pretty easy fixed last year but had thought of geared too (my new retro Kypo), could use the ride it to get a solid workout looking towards the Rainbow ride in Nov, I need the fitness.

I may be there on the Moulton.

EDIT: Nope, my excuse to ride backed out, so I’ll be volunteering somewhere.

Well, did you do it? How was it, mixing with 5000 riders? I took my new fixed steed around the river and hardly saw another rider. The cafes were empty after.

brooke and i both rode it fixed.
just trundled along with no interest in speeding it up.
stopped and spoke to people who had mechanicals, or flats, and spent way too long at the rest points.
by the time we got in most of the festivities were over.
had fun tho.
lots of people interested in the whack jobs riding fixed…

Would have loved to have been there with you…but the staples in my hip don’t come out until tomorrow…Still, there is always next year

And to people who marshalled or drove sag wagons

That’s a mammoth effort. I’m still sore from 45 kms around Brissie!