Space! For the tree huggers

This picture is for the fucking tree hugging, anti-car, EMO, save the whales types that hate cars. (I personally like cars, not the cunts that drive them)

But the picture makes a good point about space utilisation

I call bullshit.
That only applies when there’s one person per car, and that’s the real problem. If they were full, there’d only be 10 cars there.

It’s those tree hugging, lefty, protestors blocking the road and slowing everything down that are the problem. They should just run them down with their well-made, German, luxury cars and then the road wouldn’t be blocked.

so it’s not really bullshit then as most cars only have one person in them.

And if they were all riding recumbants, which take up as much space as a car, then the road would still be as per pic 1.

So what would you prefer? A road full of recumbent riders:


bikini girls with cars

When was Ryan Bailey’s leg amputated?

Well, the title of the image is misleading, is all.

I din’t realise how much bum fondling went on in track racing !?

Think of the children people, would you rather have them breathing carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide (acknowledging that the former is absorbed by the trees we hug anyway, thereby reducing the overall amount in the atmosphere)? :evil:

bikini girls with cars

How about bikini clad girls on tandems!!

I’d settle for bikini girls in recumbents

Not really. Most car trips involve one person the title is near spot on.