space - the final frontier

someone please tell me that it’s possible to get a modern (10 speed) road cluster into rear drops that are a mere 126mm apart… and here’s the devil in the detail… the frame is carbon. no bending!

Hmmm, thats a tricky one.

is there 4 mm worth of spacers you can remove?

Ye cannae change the laws o’ physics laddie!


i know you can make a 7speed hub into a 9speed 8speed with some crafty skills.
but not sure if you can make it a 10speed.

McAvoy’s Law says it should work, but i wouldn’t trust it

You can take 8 sprockets from a 9 speed cassette and put them on a 7 speed freehub.

9x 10 speed sprockets would be too wide.

Or you could take some spacers off the non drive side, but the dish would be extreme.

Someone please tell me you bought a 126mm carbon frame?

nope. but the 3rensho roadie at the njs supermarket was very tempting…

It will make for interesting rear dishing but if its cup and cone I’ll say yes without seeing it.

fucking classic… don’t fuck with Scotty!