Spam links

Hi all,

Lately, after I’ve logged in, the first link I hit opens up a new window outside of FOA. Usually it’s to<link cut>.

I’ve been shutting them down pretty quickly as the first time it opened up something NSFW :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else see this?

yeah, it’s been doing it a fair bit unfortunately, often on NSFW sites.

nickj is aware of it and has employed someone to try and rid the site of it all.

i’ve found that the link often only redirects you the first time you click.

i.e. hit link, spam window/site opens. hit back. hit FOA link again. all good.

shitty but hopefully we can get it fixed soon!

It’s browser redirect malware. Lots of this type of thing around lately.

A quick Google has a bit on it. Including removal directions:

ey mods I got a ‘visitor message’ from a nuo phong bloke this morning

^ Same.

i’ve banned the user, just delete the pm.


Just received a spam visitor message from a ‘dangtd1290’ Thought I’d let the mods know before I deleted the message