Spammer Scum

I guess some of you will have noticed the spammer activity recently. Most of the time I’ve been able to delete their accounts and posts but the occasional one slips through. I left the recent Google one because it was bizarre enough to be entertaining.

Anway, I’ve made a few recent changes to stop the worthless scum:

  1. Account registrations are now moderated so that new accounts must be enabled by an admin before they become activated.

  2. I’ve been through all the forums and configured it such that guests cannot post to any forum.

Hopefully this will put an end to it but if you notice any spam posts, please PM or email me so I can delete them.


That rhino character does seem to make a lot of posts, more than any mere mortal would seem to be able to make.

But is it spam? Well he hasn’t offered to enlarge anyones bike, or enhance and sustain it’s stiffness.

A good thing too - your bike certainly doesn’t need more stiffness. Especially with those 3T bars.

Which reminds me, maybe you shouldn’t ride too much today. I’ll be severly disappointed if you’re not riding the 3Ts tomorrow.

I had to take them for a spin on the track, where they felt great. But they feel good everywhere so far, though I haven’t been off-road with them.

I think I need to do the obvious and put them on the F800 for a test ride…

Are you still in possession of the F800? If so, I think 3T bars are the obvious choice, and ride it tomorrow. There aren’t enough fixed MTBs around I reckon.

That rhino guy does post alot. Even since I gave up on-line gambling I seem to have huge amounts of time on my hand. :smiley: