Spare Camel

So a fair few of you are probably on our mail list and already know about this, but for those that do not… we have a new backpack in pre-order stage. Called the Spare Camel, this is a pack designed for commuting and travel. Despite this it works remarkably well as a weekend warrior pack (shit, I’ve already strapped my wetsuit to the outside and gone for a weekend jaunt to the beach).

So knowing that a lot of you like McKenny-esque graphs, I threw together an infographic for you all showing a couple of features of this bag.

30L, built for the long haul, and backed by our Dirtification Guarantee. Read up on more about it over here. $180 for pre-order, and if you order before 2nd May I will send it your way for free (Australia wide only, via Australia Post Express).

Oh, and batch size is strictly limited so I can guarantee the bags will be completed by 17th May. So if you are keen, get in quick. :smiley:

I don’t want to wank on too much about this pack seeing as I have already wanked on about it in multiple other locations, so read up on my bag wanking over here: The Spare Camel Is Here!


  • Dave

I’ve used an earlier version of this bag for a month travelling by planes, trains & automobiles (and bikes) and was stoked with it. There were a few things that needed attention, but Dave’s addressed them in the final version.


nickj now has this bag i believe, and he won’t let me near it, such is his love for it.