SPD Shoes, Giro Rumble, Republic or other?

Has anyone had any experience with the Giro Rumble VR? Looking for a shoe of this aesthetic and function. I could go up a step i[/i] to the Giro Republic, they look like a good shoe as well. The main use for them would be commuting (fixed and SS) with some walking around in the shoe, but want to get into MTBing soon as there are some great tracks around here, maybe even CX. Any other recommendations welcome.

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Good computing shoes.

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I’d like some Rumble VRs for touring. Could use for MTB/CX too, but would prefer Privateers for that. Republics aren’t much good for walking around in; they’re roady shoes eh. Privateers are good value/quality ATMO.

The Privateers look good, what do you reckon the walk-ability would be in them? Good? or just OK?

Saw a pair of Rumble VRs are Anaconda of all places. Did look good, might try a pair on.
Few peeps have mentioned Giro shoes don’t wear that well compared to other brands

I’ve got a pair of Sidi Dominator 5 Mega - excellent for CX/MTB. Not great for walking around in.
Slightly larger toe box for thicker socks.

I have Privateers. Have had them for quite some time and wear them commuting pretty much every day. Have had no problems with them except the spring on the right buckle is a bit shit, but they latch fine. I use them with Time ATACs.

Walkability is excellent, I’ve walked in them a lot (including home after a puncture, so about 6k’s) and they were fine. Not super comfortable for that long, but regular day to day walking (including hanging in pubs and so forth) they’re great. The rubber on the heel is just starting to wear now. Only slippery on wet / greasy tiles.

My wife has Republics. The rubber on the sole is wearing a lot quicker, she’s only had then a few months, wears them everyday and around the cleat the gum has worn down a lot. Apparently the rubber is replaceable (it’s only screwed on), but Giro don’t seem to offer it to buy anywhere. She uses Shimano pedals and cleats.

Also, we had to buy the Republics from the U.S. using a mail forwarding service, because we couldn’t find a stockist in Australia.

EDIT: Have used the Privateers for CX and all through winter as well. They dry pretty quick (stuffed with newspaper), but my friend has the Empires and they took ages to dry after getting wet once.

If you want to use your spd shoes for mtb/cx, you’ll walk on all sorts of surfaces, like dirt/mud/gravel/stones, might even cross a river or two. So it’ll be better if your shoes have some sort of lug sole, like the privateers.

^^ Excellent info guys, thanks heaps

I think jensonusa have the Republics I think they ship to Aus?

DLN how does your wife find them walking around? comfy or not?

Ok cool, so that would rule out the rumbles?

She got hers from Jenson, and they wouldn’t ship here.

I guess they’re comfortable enough. I haven’t heard any complaints and she rides and commutes and walks in them as much as I do and they seem fine.

Also this. I’ve walked quite a few steep gravel roads in my Privateers with no problems.

+1 for Privateers. I like mine .

Laces look and feel great, but I’ve never seen a 100% foolproof way to avoid them coming undone and getting in your chainring.

Looks like I’ll grab some Privateers, they seem to cover the most bases. One last question for the owners of the Privateers, are they going to be pretty accurate size wise? because I’ll probably end up grabbing these online. Thanks again everyone.

This was on my mind as well. The lace style look great IMHO, but it sounds like the Privateers are the way to go. I’m glad I asked the question here.

I take size US 9 in Vans etc and my Privateers are EU 43 / US 9.5. They were a touch tight width wise but they stretched pretty quickly and are fine now. I’m glad I didn’t go a size 9. I know the Giant store in Adelaide stock Privateers, so it may be worth trying on a few sizes and paying the extra $$$ if you’re worried about sizing.

As for laces, the Republics have a loop on the tongue you tuck the laces into.

Well it all depends how much mtb/cx you want to do. The Republic won’t cut it on the dirt but the Rumble might. Don’t really know what to think of those, they almost look like some kind of hiking shoe. Also, given you’re trying to compromise between several uses, I’d go the privateer, DLN said they’re ok for a bit of walking around. But I reckon if you want to get a spd shoe to walk all day with, you might want to look at Chrome/DZR shoes, and have a proper mtb shoe for dirt duties.

That’s why I reckon Rumbles for touring would be good.

I see plenty of couriers riding around with Privateers, and other people who do a bit of walking around off the bike. I’d get them for touring, but I reckon Rumbles would be better at a restaurant or on a whole day walk or something.

You’re a wealth of information DLN, thanks for the size info, I’m a US9 as well. I do like the look of the republics and now I’m undecided again haha. I don’t know if there would be many LBS around here that would sell Giro stuff. Everything is Giant and Shimano.

FWIW, eventually I’m going to get some Republics for day-to-day use and keep my Privateers for more off road / “proper” riding.

But I’ve had the Privateers for coming up 2 years with no issues.

EDIT: If they sell Giant, they might sell Giro. The Giant store here is the Giro stockist.