SPD-SL shoes you can walk in?

Is there such a thing as a SPD-SL (Shimano) compatible road shoe that you can walk in. ie like a mountain bike shoe style with a real sole?
Obviously the SPD-SL cleat takes up a lot of room but maybe some boffins have worked it out…


And for the love of god CraigC, don’t post a picture of those SPD sandles! :wink:

You do mean these right?
I’ve never seen a shoe which has these cleats recessed in the sole.

Edit: I think I get what you’re asking now… you don’t actually want to walk in them with the cleat on do you? In that case, unfortunately, my answer is unchanged: never seen a shoe with a walking sole and compatability with these cleats.

Yes, those are the cleats I’m talking about.

I guess what I’m asking is whether there are any compatible shoe that has a degree of sole, rather than just a slab of carbon fibre.
For instance I currently use Shimano shoes that work great, but walking is a mess since the ‘sole’ consists of 2 tiny pieces of plastic on the front and rear. Polished carbon sole on wet staircases is a nightmare! :evil:

I understand the cleat is never going to be recessed, but if there was a shoe design that had some sole on the front and rear?

Buy a set of look pedals and fit the cafe covers and swan around like a poofta

or make these, designer boy

would these help?


Shimano make these, they also come in white which look fkn sweet.

But they look a’ight.

You could make them work possibly?

^Completely different bolt pattern.

Shizer. My bad…

Ignore me from now on… all the time.

haha thanks for all the thoughts!

So it looks like SPD-SL by its very nature is never going to be compatible with a ‘walkable’ shoe… :expressionless:

Back to SPD’s then I guess

And thanks kingsville for the cover suggestion!

I know this good shoe that will suit…

back in the early days of Shimano SPD MTB pedals with the “new” recessed small metal 2 bolt cleat, Look came out with a MTB shoe which had their big plastic 3 bolt cleat sort of recessed within a fairly thick amount of tread. I have a hazy distant recollection of a brown suede with laces and a velcro strap on top. That is the closest thing I can think of…
cheers Paul

I am new to this forum and just browsing when I saw your post. I use the same cleats on my “normal” road bike and have a set of cleat covers that are made of rubber and fit over the cleats when not on the bike. The a) help protect the cleat and b) make walking a fair bit easier.

They are available on Ebay for about $30, hope this helps. :slight_smile: