Special: BTC Carbon look bar tape

Neverstop Pedalling - BTC Carbon bar tape


what does this actually ‘feel’ like?

like it was handcrafted with PASSION jase. nah it feels pretty good, like bar tape…? similar to the BBB foamy kinda stuff for grip, but obviously not foamy.

your question reminded me of this… hahaha


hey jase, i can answer your question properly now!!

i have this tape on my new tourer and so far, so good. so far i’ve ridden this bike once in the dry, every other time it’s been raining (god bless fenders!) and my hands haven’t felt like they’re going to slip at all. my gloves are in serious need of replacement so i’d say the tape is pretty good. i actually like the look of it too.

FOA discount, $20 inc shipping.

here’s an (average) pic

What’s it like to install Rolly?

ha!!! you tell me, it looked easy…