Special cluster freewheel removal technique

Have you got a stubborn threaded free wheel on an old bike and don’t want to fork out for the splined freewheel remover? Try grinding notches into it and sticking metal bars in them, like spanners. Try a heat gun. Try bashing the notches with a punches and G clamps. Still no luck? Then it’s time to get the stick welder out :evil:

This was anticlimactic because the heat of welding freed it up so I didn’t get to wrench it off violently. I don’t recommend this if you want to use the free wheel again. :slight_smile:

Inventive, I grant you, but how about something less melodramatic and time consuming, like wrapping a length of old chain around the freewheel, sticking it in a vise and turning the wheel.
Works a treat. :roll:

What does the chain do? Do you mean wrap the chain around a sprocket and crush the sprocket onto the inner part? This isn’t a single speed freewheel, it’s a 7 speed Shimano thing and the outer part of the free wheel is pretty damn solid. It all seems to be made out of pretty strong steel so I don’t think I could crush the freewheel onto itself.
I clamped the inner part of the freewheel in a 200 mm bench vice with serated teeth as hard as I could and it just spun.

A bit of melodramatic silliness is necessary after boring engineering report writing all day.