Specialized AWOL - Starting $900

Specialized Awol Adventure Touring Bike MED NOT Surly Long Haul Trucker in Gisborne, VIC | eBay

Good buying if it stays low.

I think they’re pretty sweet,

Didn’t even get a bid first time around

Really, I’d snap it up for $900, what’s the RRP??

Cheapest on Bike Exchange is $1349

Where is Gisbourne? is it anywhere near Dandenong?

complete opposite side of the city, and neither of them are close to town.

Are you trolling? If not it’s out north past Sunbury no where near Dandy

I reckon Bob might have a mate in Dandy or something and was considering a pickup. Gisborne is North well out of town. Dandy is South East. PM if you can’t find a way to get it collected. Maybe I can train up and ride it back to my place for you?