Specialized demo/test ride weekend


this weekend coming (2nd/3rd Mar) Specialized are having test days for their road and mtb range of bikes. Costs nothing and it’s a cool way to actually ride current bikes for an extended period.

Figuring some of you may be interested …

I went to the melbs one a few years ago and apart from 28Jays being his usual style of goods times and funny, they also were silly enough to let benzy ride all kinds of very expensive mtbs on hans loop.

plus i got to bunny hop a fully kitted out tarmac over a long speed hump :wink:

they might even break out the bbq…

Yeah, whilst centennial park isn’t much chop for the roadies even I admit to wishing I could have the day off to try some of the MTB stuff on real dirt. That’d be a lotta fun.