friend of FOA josiah ng has started up this kickstarter for a bluetooth enabled integrated helmet cam. it’s kind of a good idea, i reckon.

SPECTACAM: A dual video sports helmet cam with WiFi by Josiah Ng — Kickstarter

Icontacted kick starter about a patent and product I gave made but was under the impression you needed to be a US citizen is this correct dies any body know?

This looks pretty cool.

I gave Julia Nunes some cash via Kickstarter. She’s in the USA though.

the brief mentions the company was incorporated in Nevada.
the kickstarter information wasn’t really impressive in its editing/wording (now that cad renders have been banned there’s more drawing and modelmaking on show), The product looks ok, though i wouldn’t want to own the first iteration of any new product anyway. The software component will probably be the make or break part of the project which elevates it above current camera’s on the market if it works well. It would be of interest to motorcyclists too.