Spectating cyclocross in belgium

hey guys, just realized I’'m in Belgium during the CX season, i can make eitherthe UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup in Heusden-Zolderthe or the Superprestige in Diegem. it will be easier to get to the super prestige but I’m willing to travel if the world cup course is worth it. Would appreciate any thoughts from people in the know.

Damn. I’d do both if they’re not on the same day! Also, Belgium is tiny, so travelling wont be a huge hassle.

(and don’t forget to have more than your share of Belgian beer)

HZ is the site of the world champs next year so might see some good riding for those wanting to scope the course a bit more.
Diagem is good, but the SP is the less forward thinking of the 2 main non-WC series. Cant remember (or cbf googling) which is the closer of the series right now.

IIRC HZ is the better course. Diagem does have some rad slippery corners though.

WC will be the bigger show, plus will have more aussies. likely the better atmosphere.

Both courses have a few youtubes of previous races so you could watch to compare.

Thanks for the advice guys, ended up going to Diegem as my wife and sister wanted to come watch as well, so the 5 hour return train trip to HZ was the deciding factor. Had a great time, very compact course so we got to see a fair bit of it. We didn’t get anywhere near the barriers, and only realised right at the end where the mud pit/stair run was. but saw every other part of the course.