Speedwell Restoration

I have a very nice speedwell frame that I picked up and am keen to build it up properly with period parts,

It is a speedwell olympic, built from Reynolds 531, It has a chrome fork and hand painted/waterslide decals.
I assume it has Nervex lugs as this is printed on the BB,

A bit of research showed up this, a small image from the canberra bike museum saying that it is a 1950’s bike (it looks damn similar but the image is too small to confirm)

And here is my frame

Anyone have any idea on the period of this bike? anyone have any hints as to what kit I should be hunting down? Should I look for cottered track cranks? Could I get away with Wooden rims?

When I first read this I though you were looking for someone to take it out for dinner and a movie.

Yes, I was worried there for a moment the OP might have been this bloke :expressionless:

Yeah I was going to include a clever pun, but couldn’t be arsed

should talk to drago at the re-cyclery. he part bought the museum and was the man to ask…in canberra

Can’t believe no one mentioned this yet… Nice frame!! :mrgreen:

That is a very nice and tidy example. I have an almost complete and original Speedwell Olympic but not in such good order as yours, also just acquired.
I dont think there are many around. I know someone who has a set of the same cranks that are on mine, and probably pretty cheap.

Do you know of any others?

More Pics are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rogerrabbit1964/page2/.


Nice one Roger, they are a beautiful frame, so very light. I haven’t seen any other examples except for the Canberra museum specimen.

I’d be very keen to get a hold of any parts that anyone has in whatever condition (am willing to restore)

Oh yeah, and what size wheels do you have on your speedwell Roger?

It has a 1950’s Fiamme red label tubular (with the valve hole ferrule) on the rear laced to a Harden hub. I have no way of knowing if that was the original though. A tubular rim is a 700c equivalent. The bike has enough space for 27"

I dont have any useable spare bits from that era that I would part with. Cotterpin cranks are fairly cheap.

I have a feeling yours is later than the one that was in the old Canberra bike museum. Yours has more modern style thicker seat stays which is just visible and much beefier Campagnolo dropouts which the Museum bike doesn’t have. I think it’s early to mid 60’s and clearances are tighter than Roger’s. “No Record” Campy track hubs, 151bcd Campy track cranks, Campy twin bolt seatpost and steel Cinelli Bar/Stem is what was commonly used for top tier tack bikes back then but it won’t be cheap.

You could easily use later “record” track hubs and 144bcd cranks and most people wouldn’t know the difference. A black Brooks b17 narrow is the spiritual successor to the Brooks track saddles of old. Looks the part and is easily found. White cloth tape. Early Fiamme or Nisi sprint rims and classic looking tubulars with gum sidewalls.

btw … I sold it to you :wink: (unless it has changed hands since ebay)

Post some bigger pics … that’s a bike worth showing :sunglasses:

Cheers man, Didn’t know you were on Fixed (Plus to tell you the truth I kind of forgot where I got it from seeing as it was like 8 months ago or something and I have a tendency to buy a LOT of bike stuff)

Will definitely post of more photos,

we all do :wink:

I look forward to seeing it built up.

If you’re looking for vintage parts etc, Rolf (who posts on www.bicycles.net.au as 5*Rolf and is on eBay as Olivertwist$) has a bunch of Harden track hubs and tubular rims. He might be able to help you out with cranks, stems and bars too.

I reckon you could get away with a pair of teak velocitys. I also thinking about doing the same with my old monarch.

Please no.

Just get nice low profile rims and put Gatorskins on em.

No Chance

I have sent him off an email, have seen his stuff on ebay many times before, very nice gear

Erik @ Gear has a set of the 151bcd Campy cranks, might be worth giving him a yell too.

no, no you couldnt.

try some retro looking gumwalls instead of the gatorskins.

p.s. so jealous of that frame. im sure you’ll do the restoration justice. not too tricky i think.