Spoke driver?

Anyone use one here?
What type did you get or did you make your own?

You mean a nipple driver? I’ve always managed to get by without one. I just use a narrow flat blade and take my time.

Yeah spoke/nipple driver.
I might try to make one.

If you want to get ‘fancy’ with it I seem to recall a recipe for that somewhere on Sheldon Brown

To make a copy of the Velocity nipple driver - get a brass nipple, thread it onto a spoke as far as it will go. Tighten it up. Cut the spoke about 2 inches from the nipple. File the end to give it a taper which will now wedge neatly into the top of a nipple, allowing you to lace it into deep rims. Best used with the matching nipple tray - possibly the cleverest wheel building accessory ever.

  • Joel

Are you coming to polo?? I’ll make one up and bring it in for you.

His is just a ground down Phillips screwdriver, works great.