spoke lacing patterns

in a month or so i’m looking to get a road wheelset built up (for a merckx i got off ebay :-D) and i was wondering about a certain lacing pattern
now we all know that radial rear doesnt work, but i spotted this on fyxo http://www.fyxomatosis.com/images/news/guercidegrav_big.jpg which has 2 cross on the drive side then radial on the other
now i dont know much about wheel building, but would this pattern hold up on a road bike? i think it looks pretty sexy, but not sure about it

No reason why not so long as you have a decent number of spokes and a good build. if the wheels are custom built by somone who knows what they are doing the build should be fine (it might be an idea to make sure there is a bit of space between the spoke holes on the radial side, either by using high flange hubs or uisng lower spoke count, 28 maybe 24 if you are light. Decent modern hubs should be fine though)

PS those fyxo wheels appear to be laced radial and 1x with all elbows out (theoretically stronger but less aero though the difference is probably minor) possibly due to the use of the hoshi [voice of doom]DEATH SPOKES[\voice of doom]

cheers dude thanks for the info, i’ll be building them up to campag victory hubs, 36 holes, and i only weigh about 47kgs on a good day so i wont be putting heaps of stress on them

It’s not that strange, Mavic Ksyriums have it, but they have the radial on drive side. No idea why they do it this way, and I havnt heard of any coming untrue yet.

I cant seem to attach a picture of it, but here’s a link to a picture.