Spoke length.

Anyone know how to work this out? Is there some sort of chart (Nath) or website I can use?

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Dare I be the first to say…Sheldon !!!

Great stuff Pinky, you are the winner of the prize, my gratitude (for what it’s worth) :mrgreen:

spocalc is my favourite option and the lengths worked fine all the times I’ve used it so far, stacks of hubs and rims already in the spreadsheet, calcs radial, 1/2/3/4 cross as well as paired etc for you.

Oh good cause thats the one I used. The figures worked out that I need:

28 X 303.4mm

14 X 303.0mm

14 X 304.3mm

Spokes don’t really come (or need to) in .blabla do they? So I should just get:

42 X 303.0mm

14 X 304.0mm


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No fractions of mm, sometimes, not even odd numbered mm.

Buy all 304mm and be done with it (and get a couple of spares)

I used to think ‘round down so you don’t put the spoke into the rim tape’, but Abbotsford informed me that it’s 'round up because short spokes that don’t engage are bad, plus deforming the nipple onto the unthreaded part (if too long) acts as a threadlock!)

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