Spokecards in digital format for archive

Hi all,

I’m working on a new version of FOA, and part of it consists of a spokecard archive. Therefore, it would be great if you could post any digital versions of spokecards inside this thread, perhaps using cyclebucket.com or whatever.

I will be categorising them by city. I have the following for Melbourne: Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 4.38.12 PM.png


This is a good idea. I’ve got a bunch of Sydney ones I can scan in.

Got a heap of Perth ones… That being said I may never get around to scanning them lol

Yes, I figure that might be the case with a lot of people - I’ll do a special post-to-nickj-scan-return if people really want. Send them to me in an envelope, and I’ll scan them an post back with stickers if people are comfortable. Or not. Just doing my part as FOA chief archivist.

That to me would be more effort than scanning ha ha!! I’ll chuck em in my laptop bag and next time I’m at the office by myself I’ll scan away!!

Sweet, because I was regretting my offer :wink:

miss that skid comp 1st place spokecard i had that zhi stole :frowning: i’d contribute but pretty sure we’ve got the exact same ones haha. skeet

I’ve got one from this year’s Melburn Global Gutz. I’ll scan it and post it up here later in my boredom.

minimum/maximum size? preferred format?

i’ve got a couple on my wall at work i can scan up.

i’ve got a ton including the saturday ride time trial, and nath’s skid patch calculator and lots of 2008 alleycats. if you let me know the sizes, then i can do it sometime. what about stickers like the tomity and fixed.org cog ones? and theres a fixed.org fridge magnet as well…

Perhaps minimum 800px+

There was an FOA fridge magnet? Scan whatever you have!

Was that part of the FoA lifestyle collection?

And the T shirts, and the track cog decal that Omar(?) made.

And the stickers and jerseys …

Why does this never show on iPhones?!?!?

Also, NickJ, will there be more magnets, decals and such in future? The NSP ones are good, more like that.

Fear not, there is a proper iPhone edition of FOA coming soon.

As for more stuff, like decals etc - Sure, I guess if there is interest. EzyLee has made us a new logo, perhaps we could make that into a new decal at some stage.

I can photograph the cog decal, it’s on a parts crate. I also have the ‘rare’ grey 1st FOA shirt, a jersey, and I think I have an hour record spokecard too. And I have a few Tomity stickers stashed somewhere too.

Fridge magnet

Naths speed/gear inch/skid spot card

Because it’s in CMYK. iProducts can only display in RGB.