Spokes Length - Frustration

Hey All,

I have:
Rim: Mavic Open Pro CD4 (700c Clincher - Old Schoool style with blue/yellow stickers)
Hub: Shimano XT 6 - disc brakes (M - 756)
Lacing: 3X
Holes: 32H

Used serval calculators on the net, they all give me 294mm (left) and 292mm (right), then I trust the measurement then bought some spokes, laced the wheels up realise the spokes is abit too long.

My question is that the old Mavic Open Pro 4CD have different measurements than the new one?

Anyone can help me with this matters?

Dub. :mrgreen:

have a look online for the ERD or effective rim diameter to use for the rim size.
not sure what it is for the old open pro’s.
you also should be able to swap the spokes at the shop as long as you haven’t bent and mangled them during the lacing.

Thanks Lupine, LBS said I could but only once so I have to make sure everything is right.

Did you make sure you put the hub flange diameter in correctly? 6 bolt disc hubs are a bit bigger across the spoke holes than road hubs, as I’m sure you have noticed. My calculator, with flange diameter set at 61mm and the offsets in the region of 20mm drive side rear and disc side front, and 32mm off side gets you near as dammit 276mm all round. Accurate enough, I think.


Why dont you just measure the ERD if you think its wrong?