Sponsors Specials Section


Due to recent feedback from potential advertisers, we (well, me) have now moved the Sponsors Specials to the “General” forum.

This is to further benefit our site sponsors in opening up any specials or new products to all users, rather than those with trading access.

Sponsors choose to advertise with us, and these specials don’t show up in google searches as they’re locked away in a user only section. This is great for our users, but not particularly appealing to advertisers that are wanting to reach a broader audience.

Users will still have access to FOA only specials, it’s just now open to everyone that visits the site, not just those with trading access.

[b]Anyone with an issue regarding this, please email me - rolly@fixed.org.au

Sponsors, I assume there will be no issues as this directly benefits your business etc, but obviously I wanna know ASAP if you have an issue/question with any of it[/b]

Thanks folks.

So will the specials now be google indexed?

i would assume so, yes. it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen…

Thanks for sharing this link.