SPOOKYCX - Saturday 3rd November

Breaking news! Mrs DaFrog will be providing free facepainting for kids and adults alike at SpookyCX.

Beatbox Kitchen will be burgerising the crowds, there will be lolly bags a plenty, why would you be anywhere else this Saturday?

Dirty Deeds Cyclocross: Sugar High, Gotta Feel It, Can’t Conceal It

I just realised i gotta be in Kangaroo ground that night.

Fucking hell.

Looking forward to it!

James - you’re my worst race mechanic ever.

you can’t expect me to re-glue two rolled tubs during the race dude.

Too soon maaaan… too sooooooon…

Who’s going to dress up as Steve and have All.The.Mechanicals?



FKN HELL. Uncool.

I tried to convince Lauren to dress as Tate in his Finnish skinsuits (overalls) and come last. She’s gone another direction.

Not happy. Would have been gold.


i can bring my overalls for someone, but you’ll have to provide your own blonde wig and hard rubbish step-thru…

what time do you want helpers down there?

from the fb page:

Calling out again to all Dirty Deed do-ers. If you can lend a hand at all on Saturday get in touch with ddcx.volunteers@gmail.com. We will be on site for set up from 12:30pm so come on down if you’d like to run out some tape and maybe sneak a lap in.
We’d also love some non racers preferably to help out with results and marshalling duty. So if you’re not turning pedals but would still like to be involved, let us know. I’m sure we can make sure you don’t go thirsty :wink:

i think ‘Cross-Boss’ Jez is saying 12:30.

Can someone explain the sequence of events? Just say I rock up with my singlespeed CX bike, pay my $10…how many races do I do, or just the last one of the night???

Blog also uses weird accrynoms…

when you register, you pick a class (Womens, B Grade, A Grade or Open), you race in that class all day. there’s a hot lap/TT to start with (to help with the handicap later i presume) and then you get a scratch race and a handicap, as well as the Relay.

the trophy race is for all who have registered for the day (in either Open/CX Womens/CX B Grade/CX A Grade) who have an eligable bike to enter the Trophy Race “Brunswick Cycling Club Dirty Deeds Cyclo Cross Single Speed World Championship”* **

  • (eligable bikes = Singlespeed drivetrain (tensioners and SS kits ok), tyres <35mm, fully rigid frame, flat/drop bars, 26"/700C ok.)
    **(not an actual world championship race)

(note, i’m not an official organiser, just like to order things in my head so i know what’s going/being thrown down)

Tate knows what’s up.

Rhino, if you bring your pomp you’ll get a hot lap, a scratch in the CX class, maybe a handicap in CX class, and finally the trophy SSCXWC race.

Trophies! Medals!

I’d like to go. But, I gotta go to work…

What an absolute banger of a day.

Thanks to the DDCX crew for putting on an amazing series once again, those dudes and dudettes put in heaps of work.

That might be true Sime, but what would the event be without Count Trackula, Jesus, Rambo, Beaker and all the other sweet costumes put together by riders who know how to party?

The people make the races what they are, we just provide the ingredients.

100% agree with Sime, had a great time yesterday. Props to the crew and everyone who put effort into facepainting/costumemaking/beerportaging/singlespeeding and of course the endless pursuit of getting rad!