SPOOKYCX - Saturday 3rd November

Only a few weeks to get your SSCX and costume in order.

Dirty Deeds Cyclocross: In A World Of Ghosts…


best picture ever

Planning on coming to race my first CX.

Couple of questions (and I did check the FAQ).

Can you pre enter or entry on the day only?
How much is the entry (I have a CA licence)?
Can you enter and race both CX and Open?
Course open for a practice lap at what time?

Keep an eye on the blog for timing details and practice etc, but estimate around 3-4pm for course open.

Entry on the day only
$10bux entry
You can enter as many classes as you like, $10bux per class. This race will have multiple rounds per class though, so you might not be able to race/recover/marshall/race very well from open to CX.


First race back since leaving for OS mid September, so expect to visit the vomitorium a few times on the night … :smiley:

Only asking about whether being able to race both CX and Open – Expect due to above I will be wrecked with racing just the CX.

are there single race license options for this?

Another question… Will lights be necessary?

Nope, too expensive.

No lights required, you’ll be racing under them.

Singlespeed CX Category…brilliant!

Knew i pimped out my pompino for a reason.

Tell all your SSing friends. Bike restrictions are tyres <35mm wide, rigid frame. Chuck an SS kit on your race wheels or dust off that sw8 fixie, because there’s a trophy up for grabs. MTBA / CA / BMXA licence or temporary permit required.

who wants to help me apply facepaint?

I took the day off work, lets do this.

i believe the correct turn of phrase is ‘let’s set this pit off’


Activate the pit

Are we still talking about applying make-up to Murray’s face?

actual lol

yep. i’ve still good my good Kryolan insane clown posse makeup from 2 years ago.

oh dear. #didnotread

Fkn NikCee