Spotted in Sydney

Most of the Missed connections are from melbourne, so i’m going to start one for Sydney. It will be much smaller as we don’t seem to have as many fixed/singlespeeders here. In saying that though, this past weekend I have seen more fixed gears in two days than I have in two years.

Yesterday, November 1 corner Foveaux St and Crown St at the markets. 2 fixed gears locked up, one turquoise/aqua and one silver with flat bars. 2 seconds later riding past a maroon bike with black top tube pad and a trendy lad with no helmet.

Today, Centennial Park. Fuji Obey, no grips/tape. Shaved head and glasses, I’ve seen him skating the bowl at Maroubra. Would have said hi but I was on my Glory.

today, helmetless dude on brown SE lager at broadway.

every day at unsw blue with white fork and new drop bars

saw some d00d at a distance at the ATP in alexandria today. pink deep-v’s and one of those engineer hats.

yeah i saw him in the morning yesterday too

this in newtown today:

same as evan’s, cept his is silver…

That’s smokin Joe’s bike, president of Sydney BMA.

More pics of the same.

what bike is that chief? and whats that gallery all about?

the gold paconi looks a lot rougher in real life. still bloody nice tho…

see you at the swap meet. looking for a rear wheel with an open cd4 on high flange campy :slight_smile:

Thread dig!
Much rather dig than start a third thread and I’m sick of reading about Sydney Road in Melbourne.

Spotted a Purple Cinelli with a Hed3 three times in the last few weeks.

Also spotted a black Justrideit with twin white Teny wheels locked up on George Street last week, POS.

I’ve got one.
Last week saw a helmetless asian d00d at wynyard park, on a roadie with sram force but somehow totally tarcked out with matchy-match green bits and a green front aerospoke. Crossing at the lights with all the pedestrians. I initially thought it was just a single speed with spok but did a double take when i realised what it was.
so dum.

Yeah, dude is all about the rolled up chino’s and button ups.

Saw a bike locked up outside 66 Hunter with the forks on backwards and the risers upside down. Was going to take a picture but I felt too embarrassed for the owner

I think I’ve seen that one, is it one of those purple Southern Stars?

Mind you I could be talking about half the bikes built by Kmart.

Mash histogram with matching blue herospoke at unsw once or twice now. Azain dude walking it once or twice. Assuming he is the owner.

At USYD: Leader 735 with a HED H3 front, covered in stickers, drop bars with no bar tape and freewheel? Wrap your bars!

A couple of weeks ago I was following an asian kid through the city. He was riding a Vigorelli nobrakes with a blue potato, white bullhorns with blue tape, white bmx pedals, blue straps, white tires, blue b43, white seatpost, or something close to that combo.

He mentioned he was one of those Sunday morning (too much money) riders.

Saw Carlin on the bridge as I was heading back from a ride with Kanye. Sorry I didn’t wave, was in Rapha Epic mode…

No worries. It’s the SHB, by the time you see someone, they are gone.

Finally a Sydney thread… Tuesday just before 6, corner of parramatta rd and crystal saw a guy waiting at the lights with same wheel combo as me (front white aero, rear white b43). Gave him the thumbs up as I cruised past :slight_smile: