Spring back SS road levers?

After recently buying SRAM S500 Levers I realized they weren’t spring back levers eh, I’m running them as dummy levers so the constant flicking of the lever is annoying.

So I’m after some suggestions as a replacement spring back lever set? Or is it possible to convert the levers to spring back?

I’ve had Cane Creek ergo’s in the past and not a huge fan of them, So any other suggestions would be great.

All black is preferable.

Also if anyone is interested in the SRAM S500’s PM me. Well they SOLD fast.


Tektro RL340

I really don’t like them. Shape, appearance … everything is wrong and I think Tektro are silly to have dropped the R100/R200 (Campy shape) levers. Maybe it’s just me.

Yeah I really don’t like them either… They look a bit odd.

the hood shape is a copy of the ultegra/DA isn’t it?

and just to hijack, any idea where i can get some replacement hoods for my tetro r200s?

Google “cane creek hoods”

Thanks spirito. not keen on those lizards. fckn tektro discontinuing the r200.

I hear ya … you could always use Campy ergo hoods or Hudz if you can live with the thumb slot. Same price will probably land you a good set of tektro r200’s.

+1 on this.
I had a set of the Campy shaped ones and they were great! You could jump from the road bike to the ss and they felt the same.
See if you can pick up a 2nd hand set.

I hate on the looks too, first saw the gum hood, drillium ones (TRP RLL SR) at NAHBS on a Yipsan bike, quite wrong. But, I haven’t actually used them, and I noted this the other week:

TRP RLL Brake Levers

…at first I thought some non-riding, spike-haired twenty-somethings went nuts on the CAD program and came up with the worst possible mix of old world looks and new world ergonomics …

The real juicy stuff hits you when you grab them. Each lever is custom-made to fit every human hand since Lucy, and the contours are so good that you almost feel like a wimp for liking it. There’s even a recess in the upper part of the lever, for when you hook your fingers around that. The lever also sticks out to the side, so it’s easy to grab no matter what.

The lever hood-body has a higher peak than our other levers—borrowed from Shimano brifters. But since there’s no cable coming out from on high, you can comfortably grab this nose with your lower two fingers, and if you’re shooting for high-on-the-bars aero, this is just the thing to do. In any case, there does seem to be an extra half a position on these levers, and that may be worth something to you.

There’s a button quick-release on the levers. It works great and fits flush. All in all, some slight non-functional aesthetics have been sacrificed for some stupendously functional ergonomics, and I’d say it’s a good trade.

As far as the Cane Creek/Soma/R100/R200 go, I’m hoarding them :wink: Have them on 6 bikes and spares stashed.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the RL340 is more of a copy of Campagnolo than Shimano.

What they don’t tell you is that they’re so wide at the back that on most bars the rear section of the brake hoods flare out where they met the bars. It looks ugly, is poorly designed and your hand catches the loose flappy end of the hood every time you go from the drops to the hoods/tops. Shit, shit, shit. How could a they go from perfect to rubbish in one generation?

I should add that this goes for the new TRP and Tektro road levers.

XLC are making them:

XLC : x-cellent Components

That’s cool (and even better that they’re the old Tektro’s) but where can you buy these in Oz. From their own website they have Pacific Brands as their local distributor. Upon checking I don’t think they carry bike parts … Pacific Brands Corporate

Any BikeHub should be able to order them if they’re not in stock.

what he said

^ Pacific Brands sold off their bike distrib business a couple of months ago.

Are the SRAM S900 levers spring back?

I was wondering this aswell… anyone got a pair?

I’d assume they are the same as my S500’s just crabon.