Springtime Beer + Ride

Hey All,

Seems like we went into hibernation over winter, anyone keen for a ride and a Beer on Sunday afternoon or something? (short notice I know)

Prob meet at all bar nun, or in the city like usual

yes sireee.

no one else? the fixie riders have gone soft over winter.

looks like it? perhaps they dissolved…

I’m still keen, meet at the silver goon sack in garema place at 5, ride, then beer?

5 sunday? Will try.

  • Joel

Ride was last Sunday Joel!
Would be cool to ride again this weekend but I will be in Osaka…

I don’t have a bike at the moment, just sourcing some parts for my new frame. Once it is up and running I should be able to make some rides!!

That sucks man, what is the new frame?

Colossi from Gear in Brisbane :slight_smile: Third one in Canberra I think?

Nice work, they do look like sweet frames.

Definitely up for some rides when I get back in two weeks, I may be bringing back a piece of Japanese steel with me…