Springtime Long Weekend Overnighter

Well, I had such a lovely time riding around on the weekend, I’d love to do it again soon, but this time with some camping/camp fire/whisky

Who would be interested in an overnighter on the ACT Long weekend coming up either 24th or 25th September?

Either on the Saturday or Sunday night, nothing too crazy, keep it pretty chill, maybe 50-60km each day, with emphasis on setting up camp somewhere nice and maybe organising a camp cook up.

Open to suggestion re: destination :slight_smile:

I’m keen, but I have to be in Braidwood Sunday.

If people don’t mind travelling I have 3-4 potential routes in mind from Braidwood which we could do Saturday.

  1. Braidwood to Wog Wog campground
  2. Braidwood to Mulloon Campground
  3. Braidwood to Deua Campground
  4. Braidwood to Berlang Campground

Hey Keith, I’d be in for another Braidwood area ride/campout. It’s awesome around there.

In terms of routes, what kind of distances and difficulty levels are those spots?

I also have space in my car for another human and bicycle and supplies


Ok, I just realised I have something on on Saturday morning till 10am, so I probably couldn’t get to Braidwood until lunch time, still not too bad, depending on how far the ride is to the campsite.