Sprintin The Drains

Event has been postponed and we’re altering some shit.

This looks like fun but just one thing…Even walking threw these drains sometimes causes a problem with police,people in there houses yelling abuse…how do you expect to have a race without it being cracked down on and or shut down?.

what about the drains we normally use ? much better venue IMO … nice and low key plenty of space for a beats and a bbq and no jerks to miss u around.

further from dimos’ post, pls see here:


I like the idea of sprinting, but I don’t like the idea of cops and angry locals, and probably wouldn’t turn up if that was overly likely.
Just saying, cos I think a few people would think the same.

Is chrismark.1 really a 14yo like his profile says??

it would explain a lot.

being a member of a certain group that may or may not explore drains i’d just like to put something out here.

the cops aren’t keen on you being anywhere near drains, it’s a sticky situation as it is, so having a bbq, music and a “race/ride” is only going to draw negative attention and make it harder for us/everyone.

as it has been suggested in this thread, your event will be easier to carry out in the flemington bridge area

CaveClan still doin’ their thing then? :wink:

love clan cave… found some awesome shit in bris thanks to those guys

600m sprint? like i know im a pussy but the 200m sprint we did in the drags was more than enough of a sprint if you as me

if you need any help / advice, let us know. always good to see different people organizing events.