SRAM force 11 speed chain drop

Hi guys, what’s other people’s experiences of running SRAM force ive had quite few issues with chain drop.

It’s happened a few times and is just so annoying the last time the integrated chain catcher kept the chain stuck down bottom bracket

Dropping inside or out? I’ve had mine stuck in the FD a couple of times, I think it was just bad timing of the shifting. Also had it drop off the other end of the big ring but able to be saved by shifting down on the FD.

So yes I have a few issues but most of the time it’s pretty good.

It’s dropping off of the little chain ring. Normally happens with a mistake shift to low gear at hi speed. Never happened with my shimano setup

10 speed? I think it was a thing… I had 10 speed force, I found you really needed to shift front rings when you where around the middle of the block you risked throwing off the outside or inside depending which way you were shifting. Really just required a bit more attention to what I was doing and a bit of prep. I ended up selling it getting Force 22 and and have had no such issues :slight_smile:

I did over 10,000 km’s on my force22 - I could count on one hand how many times I dropped front chain. It’s all in the fine tuning with the YAW derailleurs. Took about 2 days to get it right.

I just wander if the chain is too long, its noticibly slopply when in the bottom half gears in back when on the little ring at the front.

I cant take it back to the shop I bought it at, AMART as they have no idea what they are doing. I only bought it becuase a sub 8kg bike for 2grand with Mavic Kysrium elites and Force 22 was to good of an offer.

The whole bikes carbon and he did not use a torque wrench for any of it.

Take to a shop that actually knows what they’re doing, YAW front derailleurs are pretty average and finicky to set up imo.
Also, if your chain catcher isn’t catching the chain and it’s getting caught at the BB the catcher isn’t set closer enough to the little ring.


or its now bent and won’t ever work.