SRAM Omnium chainring question

I’m looking at getting some Omnium cranks. They seem to only be available with a 48 t chainring that is 5mm thick. And I can’t seem to find a smaller omnium chainring. So does anyone know if a 4mm thick chainring is compatible? I expect it shouldn’t be a problem, at worst putting out the chainline by 1mm?

Really I just want to upgrade the cranks as I am happy with my current (46 t) cycleunderground chainring and dura ace sprocket. So the alternative question is whether the supplied 5mm omnium chainring is so good that I should just keep it and buy a bigger rear sprocket?

I would think the CU chainring will fit fine, provided it’s 144BCD. Nothing wrong with the CU chainrings- they are awesome.
Having said that, if you buy the Omnium crankset you may as well use the provided chainring (or sell it I guess…)

the only issue is you’ll need standard chainring bolts, i’m running a cycleunderground on my set and the bolts that are provided with the cranks won’t fit

Thanks for the replies. Good to know about the chainring bolts; that makes sense. I have a couple of sets of spare bolts.

I would be happy to run the omnium ring. But I just wanted to avoid buying another cog when I have a pretty newish CU ring and DA cog right now at the ratio I like. And I don’t know … something seems harder to me about running more teeth front and back, even when the gear ratio is the same …

Tiny increase in rotational weight?

actually i believe there was a test showing that the decreased friction from running bigger ring/sprocket (due to less severe bends in the chain), far outweighs the loss from the slightly higher weight.