Sram Red etap


I reckon it’s cool, we’ll see how many bugs need ironing out with firmware. As Dayne suggested I’d wait for Gen II. I’ve have no issues with my di2 stuff thus far but it’s still early days. I think like most things the two levers to shift would be weird but I worked out double tap after about 30 minutes so I think this would be the same for most people.

How do the wireless breaks work???

the same way new cars accelerate without cables.

They don’t work if they’re broken.


I heard early rumours of sequential shift patterns, which would have sucked a bit i think, intersting to see frames start to come out with it, also cool for steel bikes, modern steel will be almost ultra modern without shift cables along the downtube

so, a few years on. Anyone have any real life feedback on this? ie riding mates etc

Few people ive spoken too that have ridden it love it. One guy said he still prefers DA Di2, everyone else wants more eTap

Rode etap around a carpark for 15 minutes. It was cool, but riding DA Di2 daily it didn’t blow me away. Maybe if you were coming off some old clapped out 105/rival it’d blow your mind.

Whatever your into and budget allows. If a new bike came with it, I probably wouldn’t rip it off and sell it. Every second investment banker and dentist has it up here.

Pretty sure Bob’s new Ritte has it too.

A mate of mine has it. It seems great. No hassles. Looks good too.
I prob wouldn’t shift (pun intd) over to it, as i have ridden di2 for over 5 years without a single issue, not even a flat battery.

So simple.
Big single buttons to mash from anywhere or in big full finger gloves (unlike di2 mashing buttons in gloves like I have done).
Two batteries is great when one runs out in the middle of nowhere, having said that I’ve had it for months and only charged them twice, and I ride 200-400 a week.
As with any electronic the shifting, shift perfect every time just feels good.
Is expensive though.
Def slower than Di2, but doesn’t effect anything for me, but I’m not sprinting for a TDF win.

I’ll be getting a new bike with the new Dura Ace Di2 in a few weeks so I can get back to ya’ll with my feedback on the differences.

I’m holding out for wireless 105.

If Shimano ever do release this, can you imagine how heavy and clunky it would be??

WWDD: What Would Downing Do?

haha I have sram on the spitfire and brunswick. I’m sure he’d have kittens if he found out. Then probably fart…Seb and Keith understand.

All in good time.

Funny, got an email from Bike Bug yesterday, E-tap groupset starts at $3342.44, down a bit from the original $4500 further up this thread.

That’s an astonishing amount of money, even at the cheaper price.

lol so true