Sram Red etap

Sram unveils a $4500 electronic group that uses funky shifting (why the fuck would i press two buttons to shift one thing?), proprietary everything, more batteries than you could possibly ever want and relies on 5 arm spidered cranks.


maybe im a bit negative.



Where’d you get $4500 from?

All the parts look super cool to me, but I will never own this.

2000GBP/wahtever USD + fuckyouyou’reinoztax

This is far more exciting than that Rotor Hydro junk.

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching my Roadie from Sram to Campy… but now I want this.

So much hype. Have used, don’t like the feel of electronic shifting (or the lack of feel anyway). That said it works just as well as Di2. I don’t like the idea of multiple batteries though.

Prices will come down.
Wont be long you’ll get a whole bike with this at those prices

Yep. It’ll be available from the euro/UK sites for 2/3 of that within months.

Not to be a jerk BUT as for multi batteries… remember the talk of Solar house paint. Make it happen SRAM!

Sram normally leaves me cold but I like this.

DCR review of the wireless bit, 2nd part of this post.

can someone find me DA Di2 @ 2/3 of RRP kthx.

i only see it for about 40% off.

Surely someone’s going to figure out how to hack it.

probably not as scary as “you hacked a jeep?” though

You want less discount?

nah, just a second ‘f’

Fuck this I’d wait for gen2 at a minimum.
Remember gen 1 di2 or gen one eps? Ugh

My gen 2 eps is amazing

This is all irrelevant if it can’t sync with cycling manager on PS4


Or shift gears accordingly to music on phone.