SRAM Thumbies.

Sunrace have released a 2:1 actuation thumbie for 2/3 x 8/9 speed.


Neat, but necessary?

Cheaper than Paul thumbies I gather?

I expect they’ll be heaps cheaper than the Pauls ones.

Out of curiosity, is there any alternative to the Pauls Thumbies for exact actuation Sram?


But they’re 2:1, so you can’t use a Paul Thumbie with SRAM or the Sunrace with Shimano anyway.

Beardo shifters to build a retro styled (with SRAM ) mtb?

The true beardo option is SunTour power ratchet tumbies. Which, of course, I have.


Of course. :slight_smile:
Very nice

This comments leaves me a little befuddled… Paul’s have a SRAM thumbie

The Paul thumbie mount for SRAM takes the TT 500 barcons, which are only available in 2x10, the Sunrace unit does 2/3 x 8/9. Plus it’s $74 + $120 to do it that way.

But unless you’ve really got a hardon for thumbies, X4/X5 3x8 / 3x9 trigger shifters are only $20-30/pr…

Some of that Suntour stuff was wild!

aight - ta

I’ve got a spare set of the TT500 shifters and had been contemplating different setup options

Not readily available but I did order some right hand 9 speed thumbies directly from MicroShift in Taiwan. Nice finish, simple, work well. They actually sell them in sets but I hoodwinked just the right side levers for some special “prototype” townies. Index only but no brainer and not likely to wear out or break.

I don’t know if they are still making them and I only dealt with them direct.