SS CX - options?

I want to build myself a SS… considering I already have a bunch of narrow tyred bikes, I figured that I can potentially kill 2 birds with one stone and go down the CX route as well.

Fair chance i probably won’t do much off road riding or anything like that, but it would be nice to have the option.

I will most likely have to consolidate the stable to fund this build, so that will mean saying bye to one of my track bikes…

Anyway, before i work out what to move on, what is out there other than the usual suspects I can think of? For planning/budgeting purposes…

  • All City Nature Boy
  • Cinelli Mash SS CX
  • Colossi something
  • On One Pomp

Anything else I should be looking out, or any other considerations i should be aware of?

I’m not real interested in being able to add gears at a later date so no need to ‘future proof’.

Also not phased on Discs or Canti’s. I probably would like to run carbon wheels to ‘try’ and keep weight in check.

Anyway, i’ve looked through about 8 of the 15 pages in this section and couldn’t find a similar thread. I probably didn’t look hard enough.

Any advice is welcome.

You can run a Surly Cross Check as a SS…just sayin, probably to heavy for your liking. Great bike though.

Highly recommend the nature boy.

I could sell you mine.

before or after cracked dropouts?

If you ever did want the option of gears, I’d recommend a Singular Kite:

But if not, a Nature Boy is basically the same, but with fender mounts and very slight differences in geo.

Re: Brakes, from my (brief) experience of setting up cantis, I’d go for mini-Vs instead if you want to keep it simple and light and aren’t fussed by the looks. Or discs if you want the performance.

If for some reason you do want cantis, DON’T use the Tektro fork-mounted hanger shown on my bike - they flex a lot and make your brakes shudder/squeal like crazy.

The new model has solid dropouts instead of the breaky ones.

That actually looks pretty cool!

I’ve never had canti’s or discs, hence why i’m not phased for either. Had a V brake on my BMX once lol!

Keep the insights/advice coming people! (Y)

Dirt Jerks have a couple of All City ‘drop out’ frames. They have 990 BMX brake mounts on the rear…

I’ve never heard of 990 BMX brakes? Can they be adapted for CX?

I never cracked my drop outs. I only bent the top and down tube.

Why ss? Why not gears then it can be a cx/gravel/rain/ light tourer,
Ss cx is just that really

Because that’s all I want it to be.

If it’s wet, i drive to work. I ride on gravel, at this stage - once per year, touring - will most likely not ever happen.

I expect my girlfriend to ride her SS everywhere…

A simple, no frills build.

I’d go a mash, they look rad or a nature boy.
Chinese carbon tubs

buying a sw8fixiefreestyle frame doesn’t sound like a good idea, but whatever.

990s are U brakes. You can use them for whatever you like, they take caliper/canti pull levers, but only U brakes will fit the bosses.

Just buy a pompino like everyone else and be happy with it.

woah, pompino v4, no more wishbone!

I’m still not convinced by the pomp geo

how big is it? how big are you? there’s only so much a 160mm stem can do.

it has nothing to do with the stem, that’s fine at 120. It’s just how slack the ST is. I always feel disoriented when i have to put my ass back further than i’m expecting. The good side of this is that I can just ride into gutters and the bike gets up them somehow.

put a zero offset on it then!

(pomp v4 has a steeper ST)

Hmc geo checks are rad “cos can ride up gutters easy” that said I havnt seen the chart but I hate the whole way back over the rear fit style if you want to #performancecycle get forward
But yeah if I got a pomp I’d strip it, clear it and add a carbon fork with fender tabs

If your looking at using a eno hub the kinesis cross frames and forks are cheap.

Traitor Crusade… not sure if anyone stocks them in Australia though.