SS Drop Bar Hydro Brakes - Hylex my only option?

So the monsterslate 2.0 has been going great guns, but i feel like i want hydraulics on it now.

Are the TRP Hylex my only option for a SS hydraulic drop bar set up? i guess aside from buying regular hydro brifters which would get exxy.

I like the idea of not having to worry about steel cables and the added modulation/power would be welcomed.

fanx foa

You might be able to find a regular brifter with broken shifting

TRP Hylex RS is the go.

unless you want to run a hybrid system, TRP parabox, TRP hy/rd, juin tech r1 etc. or hack out some mech/di2 levers (sram do a 1x LH lever, but you’d still need a RH)

hylex will run you what, $280 (or $230 for those takeoffs). What’s a set of compressionless housing and some better pads cost?

what calipers/levers do you have now?

Ads, yeh, have been scouring. always seem to miss out on the cheap deals. Are the gear levers easy enough to take out of the shimano/sram levers?

Geoff, cheers, PBK/Wiggle have for about $130 for lever and caliper, so about $270 for a set, Hylex levers are just uglyyy

Blakey, i like the sram levers so plan was to find some 2nd hand rivals and hackout the gear mech. Yeh, Hylex is like $270 for a set

Currently running TRP Spyers to SRAM S500 levers, which are fine, but have had to do a few emergency stops recently and takes a bit of power to slow the tank down!

I’d try running 180mm rotors before jumping to hydro.

i think i am! ill double check, cant remember if 160 or 180

geoff’s link was for a pair, so cheaper than PBK.

stock pads in those spyres? throw them away, they’re garbage.

swissstop 15 / 15s, nukeproof M515, shimano G Ti backed pad ground down to fit… in organic/sintered depending on rotors.

Does trp ship to AUS ?

Just buy x9 rear mech and hydro shifters and go 1x

Geoffs link is cheap, but silver and gum dont really suit the 'dale. New pads might be a goer first.

You can get em from Wiggle/Ribble/CRC etc

overkill for my commute!

Colours be damned! Form follows function.

Or, you know, just rattlecan them.

i would rattle can them, cept i reckon it would wear pretty quick being the main touch point!

I was being facetious. Except for the bit about colours be damned.

There’s two different descriptions of the product in the eBay Silver/tan and black/black (descrip taken from TRP) so just lazy seller info…

Be worth contacting the seller to confirm, but I reckon the pics are right, they’ve got Silver/Tan for sale. have them for a hell of a lot more $, with delivery time unknown for the front, rear in stock.;product=129729;menu=1000,4,320,322

These look OK Jase, 2hrs left at time of posting.

Or a buy it now from Canadia for a newer version but used set.

cheers geoff!

im prob gonna leave it for now, ill workin some new pads and keep my eyes peeled for some second hand sram hydros then try gut the gear levers.

i prefer the straight blade look.

If anyone is on the fence about the TRP Hylex levers, I highly recommend them!

I think worth the price, specially if your coming from full mech brakes. If your coming from semi ie HY/RD, Juin Tech, Yokozuna etc it might feel less of an upgrade.

But after a couple of weeks of commuting, specifically in the wet, the added power and modulation is very much welcomed.

Im not a fan aesthetically of the curved levers, but function definitely > form in this case, very comfy to use on the hoods.

Speaking of the hoods, the only real issue is the hoods themselves, they are fairly long. I have small hands so while I find it super comfy to ride on the hoods, I did have to run a slightly shorter stem (MTB geo also doesn’t help)