SS fixed

I just fixed my MTB SS, and let me tell you, it no awesome fun. The only bad thing, it hitting the crank arms on the ground through tight singletrack. NO drama…a couple more test runs and I will start racing it in the Summer Series. Brilliant.


In fact, any threads about bikes ridden by posters are USELESS WITHOUT PICS.

Admin should jump on those sort of reckless, inconsiderate threads.

Sigh…Ok, will take photos and post. Maybe even some action shots…

ok… alright… after dabbling in the dark side where gears and lycra are way too prolific I am returning, slightly unclean, and feel inspired by you boys on the fixed for a new challenge. So Duncan, Rhino or whoever, what gearing do I need to ‘fix’ the Mistress Pearl? Consider the fact that I currently ride 36:16 or 17 and yarra trails are the initial locale.

vietz: were you by any chance a competitive XC skiier at some stage a while back?


G’Day Vietz, welcome to the wrong side. I usualy run 36:16 off road, I ran 36:14 on the MAD ride for Dan-os bday but that nearly killed me.
I’d recomend using the highest gear you’re comfortable with. Spinning out on the downhills can get a bit wobbly and it’s easier to predict which pedal will be down for obstacles the slower your cranks move.
Only downside is you have to be able to crank it from all angles to get over short technical bits.

Cheers Duncan for the dees on running fixed, I would maybe even think of say a 36:15 as a good off road gear. However, Dan-o put a dampner on it all by telling me my surly flip flop doesn’t have a lock ring. I might try set up my fixed for the road before I start buying new off road wheels. By the way very impressive watching the spinmaster at the dirt crit last week.

So ndf, you may have found me out from a past life. Do I know you?

My black singlespeed frame is no longer for sale, it will now become a permanent fixed off road beast, will a disk up front to help stop…and rigid. This will be a one-month project…