It’s done. It’s how i want it.


Hope ya like it.

There were more pics but cyclebucket is being a dick.


Frame/Fork - Reynolds 853 Gipiemme SONIC Boom. 1" threaded carbon fork.
Wheels - Dura-Ace C24
Tyres - Vittoria Rubino Pro
Brifters - SRAM Red
Bars - Deda Newton
Stem - Thompson 100mm (think it’s 100)
Stem Adapter (1" to 1 1/8")
Headset - Chris King 1" threaded
Brakes - SRAM Red
Seatpost - Thompson Elite
Saddle - Specialized Romin Pro (borrowed this off Gene)
Cranks - SRAM Red
Chainrings - TA Specialites Alize 53/39
FD - Dura-Ace
Pedals - Shimano RD-540 or something
Chain - Campagnolo 10sp
Cassette - Shimano 105 11-23

Now I’ve just gotta shake this cold/throat infection and fucking ride the thing!!


Roland. Stop it.

post above fixed.

that’s a Sonic Boomin

don’t make me change all your parts to Sora.

At least you got something Campagnolo on it. Needs more seatpost.

i smell hurley…

that’s kinda gross.

good point though, lovingly (and i almost mean that in a literal sense) put together in it’s most recent guise by Sean “The Man” Hurley.

Thanks Sean

Rad paint Rolly.
What’s the story of the frame?
How much it weigh…

just weighed it, 8.5kg’s. lighter than i thought.

as for the frame, not overly sure of its origins. i got it from trigger and he didn’t know much about it either.

i’ve only seen a couple of others out on the road (1 on beach rd, 1 via pm on FOA and 1 in the middle of nowhere near traralgon!) it’s got Ritchey dropouts and a SONIC carbon fork. someone told me SONIC made frames but i can’t find any info on them really.

if anyone knows more about it i’d be happy to hear it.

Looks good

The fork looks like the old Giant 1" carbon forks.

Great looking bike.

Good stuff, Mr. Roland. Looks ace!

How do the bars feel? I think I’ll get some for my next set, they look great. And 11-23 cassette…manly.
Do you think you will yell SONIC, BOOOOM when you fly past people in a sprint?

not just in the sprint, pretty much anywhere.

yeah bars are good, had em since the bike was first built over a year ago, i like em. the bike was originally built with a SRAM Red cassette, but it wasn’t running as nice as i’d like, so we threw the 105 in without me realising the massive difference in the range. it’s obviously harder but i’m gonna pretend it’s no different and see if i can get used to it…

SRAM red on a red bike for a redhead…

you could upgrade the bidon cages. its a bit like wearing explorer socks with a nice suit :wink:

yeah true, they are a bit average, might keep my eyes out for a better alternative, but if you think i’m about to spend some absurd amount of money on bidon cages you’re dreamin.

$130 for bidon cages? lolz

Nice work, owl boy.

guile decal on the headtube