SSWC 2016 - Woodend, Victoria Oct 21-23

The Single Speed World Champs are on this year in Woodend. Dates are the 21st to the 23rd of October. Should be a good weekend, definitely worth hacking a single speed mountain bike together if you don’t have one already. Website is and entries are open today.

Rumour has it a bunch of clowns from here are lending their incompetence at Cx race organising to the event’s shenanigans. Saturday afternoon at hanging rock by all reports…

Plus Damo (one of the organisers) is a legit awesome dude.

I am just waiting to get me holidays approved (or will chuck sickies!). I have pitched a story on the comp to Australia Wide at ABC, and it looks they’re pretty interested - my contact is Aido (Adrian Whittaker) - but Nikcee if you know anyone else who would be willing to answer a few question, maybe appear on camera can you let me know.

Because the race is in Vic - the story will be produced outof the Vic Regional office (I was hoping to produce it) - but I may be filming the main race on a go pro.

Anyway - I’m psyched - should be there from the Friday arvo to Monday.


I’m in. Bringing a Taswegian Cider-maker with me, he’s kinda like my Attorney.

Of Samoan descent?

Probably. He’s big, has a beard, and plays rugby. Two of those three things are common to Samoans.

Rego closes tonight!

I’m in.

Have you already got a camping ticket Mike? Or are you camping? $60 to camp at the oval seems a bit steep

Things to do:
build s/s bike.
Train…yeah right.
Organise air fares/ camping/ Friday - maybe Monday off. Fly in Thursday PM I reckon then train to …Ballarat?

Anyone wanna share camping site? I’m gonna travel ultralight.

We have a house

train to woodend.

easy as!

The $60 covers 3 nights though, so not that bad. I will be camping there, there’s a bunch Sydney/newcastle people coming down as well.

…but if Mikdee/Nikcee an other melb FOAMAfia have a house I might end up parking out the front!

Single Speeded my Niner, 32x18 with a magic ratio, very lucky.

Nice and light to.

Bike built.

My 3 kids went at it with Poscas and i have matt clear coated the result.
China carbon fork and WI ENO. 32- 17/19 dos eno freewheel.
At least everyone will know it s me…

Thanks to larfinboy Ben ( the enabler) for helps with wheel build/ tubeless set up.
Realised i would need to transport said bollide so whipped up this mod for my Rola racks to take 15mm axle.

Red pacman, rocket… That paintjob is sweet!!

I’ve been riding lots, does that mean I’m “training”?

I’ve been rostered on night shift…

Might be able to come up on the Friday or the Saturday afternoon. Maybe.

Got it realllllly muddy, I like it SS, might keep it like that for a while, although I did drop the chain climbing up a steep pinch out of the saddle and went over the bars.