St Peters accident this arvo

I can’t put my finger on it, but this looks like an FOA bike?

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Dulwich Hill club Member:

Club member Anthony Platts-Baggs was involved in a collision with a truck this morning. The collision occurred on the Princes Highway, May Street intersection at St Peters according to media reports. He’s in hospital with a reported fractured pelvis and was conscious and reportedly in good humour before they took him off to surgery. All the best for a speedy recovery and best wishes from all your club mates. So many people recognised Anthony’s bike from the media pics.

Oh my god do not read the Telegraph comments.

It’s like Alan Jones planted his seed (ew) throughout the bible belt and each of them had an individual brain aneurism limiting their psychoanalytical skills to that of a four year old. Avoid.

Hope he makes a full recovery, does not sound like an ideal hump day. (possibly not the best phrasing)

Did see. Bike did look familiar. AusPost truck :frowning: unfortunate, hope old mate recovers quickly.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with people!

Yeah, why the fuck open comments on an article like that? Gutter press masquerading as a news source. I read as often as I read TMZ.

The commenters are the same people who would happily rant about the heavy vehicle menace, the old people driving menace, the young hoon menace, the 4WD menace, the bus menace, the speeding taxi menace, the motorcycle ‘gang’ menace, the <insert race du jour here> menace! the immigrant menace, the lack of hospital menace, the second airport menace, etc, etc. and undoubtedly too frightened by their own fragility to ever make a stand where someone can see gem…

I know Anthony. Once of the friendliest, nicest gentlemen you’ll ever meet. Really shit news. Hope he’s alright.

Sounds horrible… and I go that way a fair bit to. Hope he heals up quickly.

But those comments though… reminds me of my manager at work.

Times one million. A good friend of mine and seeing and recognising the bike in the article made me physically sick. The article claims the driver was not at fault, but Anthony is a very safe and adept rider. I find it hard to believe.

The reports say that he was travelling the same direction as the truck, it turned left, and somehow he ended up under its rear wheels. Read into that what you will. (This is not the time or place to speculate how or why that happened.)

I was at Peter Bundy’s today - he got a phone call from a Telegraph reporter. One of their questions was whether the rider in question raced and was his riding style “aggressive”. No answer was given.
Absolute quality journalism, really sinking to some serious lows…

Another rider down tonight in neutral bay, he’s not getting back up. Bad times.
Sydney transport chaos after two road fatalities, light rail outage

hope he heals fast, and wow, i just read all the comments, i can’t believe how there is so much hate from people against cycling.

Duncan Gay considers licence for cyclists, bans from certain roads


If anyone knows Anthony send him my well wishes and let him know if he needs a hand with his bike or rebuilding another one that I’m more than happy to help in any way. Free of charge of course, i’d just like to soften the shittiness of his situation.

Here’s more on the Neutral Bay incident: No Cookies |

Pretty self-explanatory (unfortunately) for mine.

Yes, please Duncan, put a licence plate on the back of my $300 dollar helmet.

Definitely what we need when helmet engineering is about aerodynamics, weight and crumpling in a crash.


So will Mr Gay consider licenses for pedestrians now? Pedestrian killed in bus crash at Haymarket


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