Stable - Family portrait

Australia Postie Malvern Star

Had this for many years, had it powdercoated 10 years ago.

28” German “Hoffy”

Picked this up off a real old fella. Who wanted to throw
It out because the tyres were flat.

He had it for 51 years he reckons, and in the 70’s
Had some local bike shop guy called Eric Hendren
Repaint and restore it, hence the HOFFY decals.
It actually has – A renovated by Hoffy Cycles /Eric Hendren decal
On it.
As far as I can work out it is German-ish. Runs Sturmy-archer rear hub,
Dunlop tyres & leather saddle.

2011 Cinelli Experience

This is my Wifes roadie.
Sram Rival 10sp with Force carbon cranks.
Velocity A23 20/24h laced into Mavic Aksium hub & spokes.

2010 Cinelli Mash

This is my wifes fixie.
Custom painted B43 and Aerospoke combo.
Pro Koryak stam/bar, Rolls saddle etc.

2010 Cinelli Mash

My fixie I’ve had about 2 years now.
B43/DV bladed White Hoshi spokes – Concor saddle, carbon post. 600 front brake.

2010 Jim Bundy

Reynolds 531c frame. My wife had Jim make it last year for
Wedding gift.
I put full new Campagnolo Record on it.
Record hubs/Hoshi blades/Ambrosio rims with Conti tubs.
Still haven’t ridden it.

The Golden Goose

This was one I built about 3 years ago.
Started life as a Giant Yukon 26”.
Rubbed the frame and hand polished it, before being Gold anodized.
Velocity Chukker 700c’s. 32c tyres
Avid cable discs, Pro carbon forks.

Redline Flight monocog 29er

This is my tractor.
Velocity P35 lumberjack plaid rims, Pro Carbon 29er forks,
Hydraulic discs, Cane Creek Thudbuster post.

Handmade 16” fixie

This is my handmade 16”/349mm fixie.
Velocity Blunt SL 24h rims.
Odyssey components, Schwalbe tyres.

Trek Madone 5.2

This is my “training” machine
Sram Force, Bontrager carbon bars, 20/24h carbon wheelset.

Trek Madone 5.5

This is my “Race” machine
Sram Red/Black, Cane Creek carbon wheelset, Cinelli carbon bars.
Dura Ace pedals.

Let me know when your wife becomes available…


Why the hell haven’t you ridden the Bundy?

Because its got no pedals?

No pedals is the new no breaks. Trust me, all the cool kids are doing it.

Nah, it’s fixed, not broken.

Life’s too short to admire bikes only with your eyes, enjoy that with everything you got!

ooh, can i be the first ₪₪₪₪ to say “cut your steerer tube”?? can i, can i?

digging the madones!

mmm, because when track is on each week i’m busy & working.
I dont want to ride it up the street either because the tyres are like silk, and I reckon
they’de cut up easy as.

Don’t stress, I go by the rule of measure twice - cut once. I will when I know im comfortable.

^^ that’s as much of a dick call as “it’s a bit slack” or “you shouldn’t just run a rear brake on an SS”. Fucken amateurs!! Maybe he’s just setting it up, maybe he couldn’t be fucked or doesn’t have a carbon cutting blade. Jeez the shit some people come out with…


Dam it beaten by a serious response…

that is an impressive stable of machines…velocity certainly take good care of their staff!!!

Yeah what he said.

Hectic number of good bikes … must walk around with constant boner


don’t you hate that