Standert Umlaufbahn ep.3

Racing the fixie crits/road races with Team Standert this year so they’ve put me on a beautiful purple bike. So nice to ride compared to the Planet X, albeit a little flexier.

Frame: Standert Umlaufbahn ep.3 (purple jam - 54cm)
Fork: Columbus Pista Leggera
Seatpost: Zipp Service Course SL (0 setback)
Saddle: Giant Contact SLR
Stem: 110mm Zipp Service Course SL
Bars: 38cm Zipp Service Course SL-80
Cranks: Dura Ace Track
Drivetrain: Izumi Super Toughness / 49T Cycleunderground / 14T unknown
Wheelset: Velocity Deep-Vs, front gets changed to Giant SLR 0 on race days

Woof!! Looks sick Danny, don’t ride it into any taxis eh?

Will do my best not to :wink:

niiiice. I mean, sick fixxie.

would look tight with an aerospoke

Great #SOTB vehicle.

Yep! In Euroland, fixxies are not dead!

Wait when does this get 800mm wide risers?

450mm risers only, this new wide handlebar trend is atrocious.

If there was a FoA 2018 BOTY competition, this would definitely win. And don’t let the fact that it would be the only contender diminish its status.

much better than the radish’s one from that one time that smuglord inexplicably loved.

Sw8 fixay

Agreed, but surely a mavic Io 5 spoke has more street cred?

Aww shucks…