Star CX'd Lovers. DDCX Valentines Edition Friday 16th Harrison St Velodrome

If ya don’t know now you know.

Songs great but what’s the format of the short races and the blind date how do they work?

Short races will be heats of 10-20. Blind Date relay will be just that, put your name in and we’ll draw randon pairs.


Hmm wonder if I’ll have a bike for this.

You can ride anything. I also have a sequin bow tie for the evening

Keen for my 6YO to have his first try - re licensing, DDCX website says Kidz licences mandatory, but free. CA website suggests otherwise ($55). Can anyone confirm?

DDCX website is correct.
CX has special licensing rules (see acceptance of both MTBA and CX licences)
We will need parent and kids details to be captured on the night.