Star Enamellers

I plan to get a very precious frame re-painted and I hear that Star Enamellers are the best in town. Anyone have direct experience? I’d love to see any pics of people’s results. Any ideas on price/wait time?

Ps. They’re not answering the phone.

No direct experience. But maybe PM kiwicylist. He got his pog done there:

I’ve seen a few finished results, they do an amazing job. But the t’other thing I’ve heard is to not expect the job to finished in anything like a reasonable timeframe.
I think Alex maybe got his Kuwahara done there? Paging eTomato!

Alex did… they have painted Sydney’s finest builders over their time. Do it

Didnt they also paint up Frag’s Zullo? Arguably the nicest paintwork on a bicycle I’ve seen.

Yep, Peter did the work on my Pogliaghi and also my Falcon track bike - both jobs were absolutely faultless work completed at an exceedingly good price in my view. I went and met Peter in person when I dropped the first frame off - he is pretty knowledgeable about vintage frames and made helpful suggestions around decal placement and the like.

As mentioned he is in heavy demand and you can expect that it will take some time to complete - allow a couple of months - however you won’t be disappointed.


Yeh, I’d forgotten about that. A seriously amazing paint job.

^He (Peter Flemming) did do Frag’s Zullo, which is bloody amazing.

I’ve had 5 or 6 frames done by Peter and the workmanship has been excellent. Because there is often a lag between when you talk to him, and when he paints it, make sure that he takes notes detailing everything you want. For example, the first frame I had done, he forgot to put the 531 decals on, and I didn’t have the courage to tell him, but it’s annoyed me ever since. In my experience, prices have ranged from $200 for a single colour with pearl, c. $320 for single colour with pearl, lug details and full decals (cyclomondo). Pimped out jobs like Frag’s run $500+.

I’ve heard so much about Frag’s bike, any pics? I’d love to see.

I just called ‘SE’. They offered a very reasonable price and knew exactly what I was after, very happy. I have to wait until the second week in January, which is a pain, but I’m not in a massive hurry.

Good things come to those who wait, young Loasby.

Yep, +1, I couldn’t be happier with Pete’s work. Absolute top job.

True about the slow turnaround and taking notes though - I think he had my frame for around 6 months. (I told I wasn’t in any hurry.)
He forgot to put my Kuwahara decals on til I reminded him. Easily done though, as I sent them to him a month or more after dropping the frame in. Just meant I got some extra clearcoat, under and over the decals.

My only tip would be to leave the frame sitting around for another month or two after you get it back, to let the paint harden up before building it up/riding it. It’s ridiculously soft when it’s fresh. For me that was just the time it took for me to save up/source the parts, so I didn’t mind having it on the wall for a while.

And, yeah, Frag’s Zullo is the most exquisitely blinged-out bicycle I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is insane. He just won that trip to Japan from the BFF show&shine, in case anyone didn’t know.

I need pics of this mythical beast.

I just bought these in white. I’m painting the frame egg-shell blue:

I thought egg shells were a creamy off-white?

I think some duck eggs are blueish. Could be wrong though…

Edit: like this.

That’d be the one. With tiny bits of white detail.

The paint on that is srsly off the hook.

Nice. Now I understand the hype.

I’m calling out Flava Flav, you should believe this hype.

hmmmpppphhh, green paint… got any better angles? i can’t rightly believe the hype without seeing it*

(*i’m in no way questioning the quality of Star Enamellers’ work, i just can’t see anything in this photo…)