Starting block

The local Track rats have asked me to build a starting block for them…but im having problems finding pictures of the internals of them…can anyone help please???

Like a gate for pursuit starts?
A very basic one is just a steel frame with a caliper brake to clamp the rim and a height/reach adjustable Y arm to stabilise the seattube / seatpost.

If you need detailed photos I can take some of the one at DISC.

yep those start gates…if you could take some it would be handy…

thanks alot

I tried to photograph the one in Canberra, but it was chained down on its side…

PM me if I don’t get on to you in a week or two.

The System CA use for track is the Alge ALGE-TIMING - Austria pretty sure they also use the alge starting gate too.
I am sure if you contact CQ they would be very interested and maybe help you out- PM me for contact details, I can also give you contact details for the timing and software geek at the Disc.