Starving cyclist looking for work

G’day Sydneysiders.

I was working for Mail Call as a courier but was let go since work is slow; I wasn’t that slow :o

Anyways, won’t make this out as a sob story, but was just wondering if anyone on here knows of any courier gigs opening up or any other job cycling related a cyclist might like; yes yes, I am a roadie too, and have already marvelled at the rides in the Royal National Park, Galston Gorge, Blue Mountains, etc. etc.

Oh, and I’m a Canuckian here on a working holiday. Want to know more? Just PM me.

Please tell me you’re the #ALWAYSINTHEZONE Canadian! AWESOME! That’s fucking ridiculous that they fired you, though.

Hit up Crisis Couriers, they’re always looking, similar to mailcall but less cvnts.

My “zone” involves smiling incessantly while on my trusted steed :smiley:

Uggh, already stopped by Crisis twice this week, and the boss is still not in :confused: