State Bicycle Co Products

CanRdly Treadlies Oz Distributor for State Bicycle Products

Five ranges to view

  1. Core — Four models, The Ranger, Matte Black, La Fleur and Abacabb 2.0 --FROM $549.00
  2. City Bikes — Two models, Domingo and Shoreline FROM 649.00
  3. Contender — Two models, Red & Silver FROM $795.00
  4. New — Fat Bike Megailth $895.00 (expected but could change)
  5. New — SSCX Thunderbird Delux $1159 (expected but could change)

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For FOA members
Free shipping OZ Capitals
Brisbane residents – Free assemble, delivery and personal fit – also to North & Gold Coast residents

Will you guys be doing the cyclo cross bike?

Thunderbird is listed on their website as coming soon/pre order.

Water Boy – SSCX Thunderbird Delux expect shipment Mid-January ALL SIZES TO 6’4’’
estimated cost $1159.00 (could change due to freight & AUD)