State Track Champs

Competitor numbers aren’t high, but anyone interested in trundling out for some spectating?

When and where?

Chandler - started yesterday and run through the to Saturday.

Program in the last half of this bad boy

Thought the sprint finals and points races on Friday evening might be the go… or maybe the Keirin racing on Saturday arvo

The sprint finals are going to be one of the best hardest fought contests at chandler for a while, with two current record holders for the fastest 200 m competing!
It’s free entry, or gold coin - the flying 200 this evening should be very very fast, looking for another record to be broken with several riders capable of sub 11 sec!

friday night then, who else is going? ill head out

Two sub 11 second flying 200 m in the qualifiers, and then a load under 12 seconds, this is going to be one hell of a contest. Racing from 6pm sharp, straight into the quarters.
the u19 and elite are going to make some great racing, be aware there is no canteen open.
results should be up later tonight on the CQ website.

dayum, i could have been competitive 8 years ago… on u17 gearing…

but sub 11’s at chandler is pretty good

actually 10.76 new state record! and 10.99, the six under 12 secs!
Results and programme up on CQ results now.

What time are you guys heading out

Go Ged !

Looks like I’ve been able to score a leave pass. I’ll be there around 5:30-6pm I think.

Yep, 5:30pm. I better have company!

I’ll wave to you Dan, if you want to help out I am sure we can find you a job :wink:

Great points race last night

Great night.

Elite men’s final went to three rounds, all under 11 seconds! That’s not something you see very often !

yeah was a rad night - made all the better by the half time entertainment proffered by certain FOA member

If match sprinting was ice cream, I’d be a tub of Neapolitan

And yeah, pinball was funny wasn’t he… Kicking over his empty stubbies and what not

That they weren’t mine was even more embarrassing :frowning:
I was exhausted, watchingclosely every lap of every heat and round in every sprint for anything out of place, and then having to make spilt second decisions, on incidents that can happen in less than a blink of an eye.