Stealth new Track Bike

So here it is.

The new wheelset is 450g lighter than the last, coming in at 2.2kg’s with tyres and tubes. The whole bike comes to 8.2kg exactley, not super light, but it’s almost 2kg’s lighter than my last!

Cheers for the new wheels tomacropod!

Itching to get it to the track on Wednesday :lol:

Great work, looks tight!

damn its hot…what frame are those?? and what model maxxis are those tyres??
I am soo jealous hehhehe.

The tyre is a Columbiere

As for the frame? I’m not actually sure, I was given it! I was at my lbs last Friday to try a new pair of shoes and a guy comes in with 2 track bikes and basically says “I want the bits from that one on this one, what you do with the rest is up to you” So I wandered over and asked if he’d mind if I took it off his hands. He said he’d be happy to let me take it, I offered him a case of beer etc to compensate which he turned down.
Right place at the right time!


I like stories like that.

Much better than paying $600 for a second hand frame.

My fitst thought was Avanti Pista, but who knows.