Steamrollers, Peugeot PX 60

Steamroller, 62 cm frame
Front Velocity deep v, surly hub
Rear B43 Phil hub, w phil cog and white industries freewheel
Campag pista cranks, Fyx chainring, Sylvans MKS clips
Brooks team pro
nitto risers, ouries, Velo Orange bell

Creamroller, 62 cm frame
Celeste deep vees, phil hubs & cog
Sugino 75s, Fyx chainring, Sylvans, soma clips
nitto B123
Brooks B 17

Peugeot PX 60 (1975 ish touring model)
Ancient Brooks Pro saddle
Original simplex & Mafac parts Weinmann rims
Peugeot Trophy hubs by Maillard

quality bikes man, love the phil hubs :slight_smile:
Do they make that bee sound like the chris king’s do?

cheers. Nope they’re completely silent and smooth, the WI freewheel on the steamroller makes the most incredible sound. it’s awesome

like a nice loud bee sound? hehehe