Steel Frames - Columbus Tubing Types Article

Worth a look if you’re interested in the late 80’s Columbus steel:

Magnificent 7

February 1996 issue of Bicycle Guide. “Can the experts REALLY tell the difference between frame tubing?”

Good link!

So Columbus Neuron (very similar to the modern Columbus Spirit I believe) was the author’s personal choice- ie the highest end one. Vindicated!
Interesting about not being able to tell the difference between Aelle, Cromor, SLX or EL OS. But wouldn’t the test riders notice the EL OS tubing being slightly different than the others… just sayin. Happy to be corrected on this.

Good old Habanero Cycles.

Bicycle Quarterly did somewhat similar testing, having 3 frames built from thinwall/std/heavywall tubing, and also three frames with 26"/650B/700C wheels, controlling other variables.

Jim Papadopolous, quoted in the linked article also co-authored the article on self stable bikes I linked last week and often contributes to BQ too.

Edit: Ha!

If you’re looking for go-fast gimmicks, you’ll be saddened by the Mondonicos’ absolute devotion to functionality, but that sensibility makes for a frame that will feel fresh long after the neon-painted oversize tubes and monocoque construction have gone the way of the eight-track tape, the Naugahyde recliner and leisure suits

Yeah, pff, oversized tubes and monocoque carbon were such an overnight fad…

I thought the article was interesting, but the conclusion was a letdown. I can’t believe they went to all that trouble building the frames - not just a slap-dash job either - and yet the ‘testing’ was one guy doing a little spin around some local hills. They could have at least had a few different riders test each frame, over a a longer period/bigger climbs etc.

On the other hand, I guess the point is that if you can’t pick the difference straight up after a short ride, it can’t be that much of a difference.